Acknowledgments In A Research Paper: Points To Consider

The research paper is the type of academic assignment, which you base on personal observations and careful experimentation. You will have to keep both the current and past information about the subject so that you can make it comprehensive and precise for the readers

The acknowledgement of the paper is the section where you include the dedications or inspirations. You do not have to create a list of thanksgiving like an Oscar speech but you need to write the names of the people or organizations that helped you in writing this paper or collecting your evidence. You can write the name of your instructor because they have a significant part in helping you complete your paper. If this is your first time writing a research paper acknowledgement, then you should consider a few important points.

This article contains all the important points you should keep in mind if you are to complete and effective acknowledgement section. Read below to find out what you should do to write a strong acknowledgment section

  1. Include the title of your paper on the top of your paper with a running header and margins as per the instructions from the format you are following
  2. Include the dedication for those people who are important in creating this paper in helping you write it
  3. You can also dedicate your efforts to someone who helped you in gathering your data for the paper.
  4. The abstract in your assignment should not be redundant
  5. The acknowledgement section needs to be clear and simple without any complications
  6. You need to follow the specific format for your section as instructed by your teacher. If your teacher wants you to follow the APA format then you should write the dedication section in that format. On the other hand, if your teacher wants you to create a paper according to the MLA format then you will have to follow that. Remember to stick to the format specified by your teacher for the assignment
  7. The data and words you include in your paper should create an emphasis
  8. Use the right titles, names and professional degrees of the people and organizations when including them in the dedication section
  9. Use the right spellings and words
  10. Avoid making any mistakes in the format or words in your paper

These tips will help you in creating a strong dedication section for your paper