5 Simple Tips For Writing A Research Paper About Fear

Fear is a strong motivator for human beings. When someone experiences fear, they have an immediate reaction known as the “flight or fight” response. This evolutionary quality causes people to react to fear by wanting to run away or fight the incoming danger. Since this is such an interesting topic, it is a common subject for research papers. To begin writing the research paper, students should use the following five tips.

  1. Pick a Topic
  2. When it comes to this topic, there are hundreds of different angles that the student can use. They can discuss how being frightened causes a bond in Stockholm Syndrome, the inborn preoccupation with death or how phobias develop. Students could also talk about the psychology behind being afraid of something. For an argumentative essay, students could even discuss whether fear is learned or a natural response.

  3. Set a Schedule
  4. Once the student has chosen a topic, they need to set out their work schedule for the research paper. By breaking down the process into smaller steps, the student will make the work much easier to manage. In addition, setting small milestones ensures that the student will actually have enough time to accomplish everything. If the student waits until the last day to work on their assignment, they will end up turning in a sub-par essay.

  5. Get Academic Sources
  6. Psychologists, academicians and philosophers have discussed this topic for generations. Due to this, it should not be terribly difficult for the student to find good academic sources. The student will ultimately be graded on the quality of their sources, so they should spend extra time that they have actually used relevant, high-quality information in their research paper.

  7. Use an Outline
  8. An outline is one of the best techniques for preventing writer's block. With an outline, the student will always know what is coming next and does not have to waste time trying to think of something to say. To create an outline, the student should create a topic sentence for every paragraph. Beneath the topic sentence, the student should include two or three facts that support the topic sentence. By doing this, the student can also ensure that they have enough research to argue their thesis.

  9. Remember to Save Time for Editing
  10. If there are grammar errors or spelling mistakes in the text, it will distract the reader from the student's ideas. Before turning in any assignment, the student should always make sure to thoroughly edit and proofread their work.