A Selection Of Good Term Paper Topics For College

Most students are required to complete a term paper at some point during their schooling. This is an essay written based on all the the studies conducted on any particular subject during the course of the school term, usually accounting for a significant part of the total end of term grade. Choice of topic is an important step in creating a well written paper and good topics can sometimes be hard to invent. Here are some suggestion for term paper topics for college:

  1. The study of anatomy and the relationships between different species

  2. The effects of a modern diet compared to that of individuals that eat more naturally, for example, the indigenous tribes of Brazil.

  3. How the length of a person’s hair, male and female, can affect their personality and physical health.

  4. The reason for different skin colors among different races of humans when most other animals seems to share the same coloration.

  5. Why does eating an apple a day keep the doctor away?

  6. The effects of living and interacting with animals on the health of a young child and why it should be encouraged.

  7. How the structure of a person’s brain affects which of their characteristics are affected as a result of brain damaged from injuries resulting from an accident or other disaster.

  8. The reason for the structure of internal organs and the purpose of each one giving suggestions on how they could be made more efficient.

  9. How advancements in robotics and nanotechnology can affect human health care and is this something we should be wary of?

  10. A discussion of the effects drug use have on humans and an investigation into the possibility that pharmaceutical drugs are equally as harmful as those that are illegal.

  11. As the human population increases, so does the chance of a pathogen mutating into a deadly virus. This means that we will never be able to completely eliminate viruses since it is mathematically improbable.

  12. The size of a person’s feet in relation to their overall body size is a good indication of physical prowess and this can be a good way of identifying potential athletes from young.

  13. The interaction of young kids should be monitored by adults in order to quickly identify the kids that are subject to abuse from their peers.

  14. Homework assignments are a futile attempt by teachers to keep children out of trouble during off school hours.