How Do You Write A Good Introduction For A Research Paper: Vital Advice

When writing any academic paper, the introduction that you include will be hugely important. In fact, a good introduction can encourage the reader to continue reading, whilst a bad introduction can fail to persuade the reader to maintain their interest in what you have written.

Furthermore, a good introduction can help ensure that your paper is logical and clearly laid out. By ensuring that there is as much clarity as possible from the beginning, people are going to have a much better understanding of any points that you wish to make, which will therefore make the work that you produce more valuable and relevant.

Introducing the topic or topics

Depending upon the nature of your paper, your essay will be based upon one or more topics. For example, a compare and contrast paper may require you to write about multiple topics, whereas a persuasive paper may simply require you to provide arguments relating to a single topic.

No matter whether you are focusing on a single topic or multiple topics, you should introduce to the reader what the topic or topics will be early on. Of course, the reader is likely to have a reasonable understanding of what topic or topics you will be writing about, based on the title; however, the introduction not only allows you to confirm the topic or topics that you will be writing about, but also provides you with the opportunity to provide a bit of further background information.

Include a main statement, provide a hypothesis, or outline any questions that you intend to answer

Whilst some academic papers will require you to answer questions, others will simply require you to confirm and provide evidence to back up a statement that you have made. Either way, whether you are writing an argumentative paper that will require you to persuade the reader about a particular statement that you have made; or you are writing a scientific paper, based around a particular hypothesis that you have set; or you are writing an informative paper, which will answer a question or set of questions - you will need to ensure that the reader is aware of the purpose of your research paper.

Therefore, you should include the main statement, hypothesis, or questions in your introduction. Furthermore, you should always refer back to these once you have finished, to ensure that they are still relevant, just in case you have made adjustments during the writing process to the aims of your paper.