How To Pick Up The Right Term Paper Format: Useful Hints For College Students

Most of the professors in different parts of the world have different term paper format requirements. However if your professor has not provided any rules, following are the right guidelines that you can follow-

  • Order:
  • Make sure you have following sequence-

    • The title page
    • Abstract
    • Outline or ‘Table of Contents’
    • List of Illustrations
    • The text
    • Footnotes
    • Bibliography
    • Index

  • The Title Page:
  • It should include -

    • the Title of your paper,
    • your name,
    • the instructor’s name,
    • Title of the course
    • Date in the centre halfway down the page

    Ensure that each entry starts from a fresh line.

  • Abstract: The abstract should be written from a fresh page and should summarize the dissertation’s content.

  • Prepare the outline before writing the ‘Table of Content’. Allot page number to each of the sections written.

  • Specify headings and page number to all the illustrations.

  • Index should include all the pertinent subjects, headings and references used in the dissertation along with the page numbers. Follow alphabetical order for writing the index.

  • The page number should be written on the upper right hand corner of every page except for the Title Page. The Title Pages usually do not have any number but one must count it while writing the total number of pages. In short to say the subsequent page to the Title Page will be marked as 2.

  • Margins: Use a clean high quality white sheet of 8 ½ inches and 11 inches. Write your term paper on its one side only. Leave one inch margin from all the sides.

  • The Title Page: Include this section only if instructed by your professor. Follow the MLA, APA or any other writing style whatever has been prescribed by your teacher. In case you do not require writing the Title Page, start writing 1 inch from the top of the page. Write your name flushing it to the left margin. In the next line, under your name, write your teacher’s name- double spaced, the course code and the printing date. Create a double spacing after the date. Get your title of the essay written from a new line in the centre. If the title of the thesis is long, maintain a double spacing between the lines of the title.