How To Come Up With Good Narrative Research Paper Topics?

А narrative is one of the forms of discourse that requires students to tell a story about themselves, an interesting subject, famous personality, or important event. They can express their ideas in a creative way while working on their research papers and essays. Usually, the former involves more investigation and, therefore, requires more time to complete. This assignment should include an introduction, plot, main characters/subjects, setting, discussion, and conclusion.

How to Write a Decent Narrative Research Paper on Any Topic

Before you start considering a good topic for your assignment, you need to learn more about how to compose such kind of writing and what details to remember:

  • Make sure that you’re interested in a chosen topic idea so that you’ll be able to tell a story interesting to the readers.

  • Writing a book summary is also a narrative, so if you have a particular publication in mind, you may focus on providing an informative report to the audience.

  • Identify why you want to write on a chosen topic, make a point, and explain why your story is important to others.

  • Check out if you’re allowed to use the first person pronoun ‘I’ in your writing. If not, consider choosing more general and less personal topic.

  • Use a list of sample topics to get inspired and understand what a good prompt for a narrative paper looks like.

What Interesting Prompts to Consider for Your Assignment

  1. Why do humans need so much sleep?

  2. What makes the New Zealand kiwi an unusual and interesting bird?

  3. How does cell phone spy software work and why is such monitoring illegal?

  4. Who was the first person to climb the Everest?

  5. What happened during the Golden Rush?

  6. How to construct a ‘green’ house in the U.S.?

  7. What sports were practiced in Latin America until the colonization period?

  8. What is daily life like for the Native Americans in reservations?

  9. How were cows and goats domesticated and for what purposes?

  10. What do historians know about samurais?

  11. How did scientists come up with an idea of black holes?

  12. What architectural miracles were found in Pompeii, Italy?

  13. What is a desert mirage and how can it affect travelers?

  14. How do people in China cope with Internet censorship?

  15. What is special about the communist idea and why did it fail in so many countries?

The aforementioned ideas are great for your research, but you can also find more on your department’s website, in the writing center, and on the Web.