Picking Up A Unique Topic For A Research Paper About Hotel And Restaurant Management

An interesting and challenging degree is in hotel and restaurant management. You may have to write a research paper for one or more of your classes. The best way to write an effective and interesting degree is by picking a unique topic to write your paper on. When you have a unique topic, you are sure to get some bonus points with your instructor. It is a great way to get the instructor’s attention.

Many students choose to write about topics that are common and ones that have a lot of information. This is a bad choice. You will not only bore your instructor but you also run the risk of writing about a topic that everyone else wrote about. When you write about a topic that someone else has also written a paper on, you run the risk of having to compete with them for the same grade. Your instructor is supposed to grade your paper individually but the fact is that it is difficult to do sometimes. How can the instructor give two different papers the same grade when one is significantly better? The truth is that most can’t.

By choosing a unique topic, you are saving yourself this trouble. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your paper is going to be graded in comparison to the other ones. It is a great way to make sure that you are getting a topic that will lead you to creating a great paper.

  1. Check the text
  2. Is there a topic in the text that you don’t hear a lot about? A management theory that is not discussed a lot can be a great unique topic. Maybe there was something that you read about that your instructor did not discuss. This may be a great topic for your paper.

  3. Website lists
  4. The topics that you find on website links are usually not unique. However, you can use the lists to develop ideas that are. Don’t use these ideas as they are but find subtopics or relating topics that you can write about that are unique.

  5. Notes
  6. If you look through your notes, you may be able to find an interesting topic to write your paper on. It is a great way to ensure that you are finding a topic that is relevant as well.