What Are The Main Elements Of A Proper High School Research Paper?

When it comes to writing essays, most students will begin learning what to do for the when they are in high school. Therefore, it can be important to understand what the main elements of a research paper are at this stage, so as to ensure that you create academic papers properly from then on.

Of course, as you get older, and you progress through the educational system, then the papers that you write will start to become more complex. However, they will generally always follow a similar sort of basic formula or structure.

The beginning of your paper

With a relatively simple research paper, the beginning of your paper might simply involve writing some form of introduction. Your introduction might be only a paragraph long, or it might be several paragraphs in length - ultimately, the length will depend upon the individual requirements of the essay itself.

As well as a straightforward introduction, you may also need to write various other sections towards the beginning of your paper. For example, you might need to include an abstract or a title page. If you are unsure of what sections you need to include, then your teacher will be up to help you.

The middle part of your work

After the introduction comes the body section of your work. Ultimately, the body section can be used as an umbrella term for a variety of different sections that you may need to include. For example, whilst you may have used a few short paragraphs for the body section of other essays in the past, a research paper will generally be more in-depth, and might require a results section, and analysis section, a methodology section, and a variety of other important parts. Again, if you are unsure about what to include, your teacher can help you with the specifics of your paper.

The final part of your paper

The ending to your paper is particularly important, as it helps to tie together the different aspects you have written about earlier on. This section is generally known as the conclusion and ultimately, you will refer to any important points that you have made in the body section.

As well as a conclusion, however, you should be aware that it is possible that you may need to include a bibliography, an appendix, and a range of other different sections, which would normally focus on providing any additional materials or information separately to the rest of the work, rather than clogging up other sections.