How to Write a Quality Term Paper on Philosophy of Science

On the surface it may seem almost a contradiction in terms. After all, philosophy deals with the metaphysical while science is all about observable facts. Nevertheless, the two have combined into a study which can be very enlightening to any student. The type of term papers that are going to be written on the subject will be thought-provoking and probably very deep analysis. You want to be able to write a quality term paper, and here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Narrow down the Topic. A general topic on the philosophy of science ordinarily just regurgitates what was discussed in class. The assignment is meant to add value to the lectures by asking a student to do research. A narrow topic is an invitation to investigation.

  • Identify Your Arguments. Philosophy is all about discussion and persuasion. You should establish what it is about the empirical side of science you are wishing to defend. These are not violent disagreements and you are explaining.
  • Analyze Carefully. This is where you show that you have developed an understanding and are not just repeating. In the analysis you can cite the examples of various philosophers and what arguments they used. The analysis should make clear to somebody who is not an expert what your position is and your reasons for supporting it.

  • Clarity Wins The Day. The philosophy of science doesn’t need to be more bewildering. Some students may think they can hide behind jargon and what they believe to be highly academic phrases. You really are fooling yourself if that is what you intend to do. You can very easily be wrapped up in a web of your own sentences, with words that are more confusing than edifying. Being clear and concise from the introduction all the way through to the conclusion is going to add a great deal of credibility to what you are writing.

  • Pay Attention to the Flow. At the end of the day what you compose has to be readable. This means that the ordinary attention to writing an essay with proper sentence structure and grammar will be important. The subject area you are covering in the term paper is a very sophisticated and complex arena of academia. Following the rules of good writing helps make it clear.

Be aware that this is all a learning process. As you do the research and organize your thoughts, you have a better understanding of the discipline. It is why these term papers are assigned to the students. You may discover a greater appreciation of what you are being taught in class through this homework exercise.