Writing A Research Paper Thesis Statement In The APA Format

When you consider completing a research paper, you should be definitive about the format style you would utilize. MLA and APA formats are the most popular and not without reason. Their demands are so acute that they automatically lend an air of originality and emulation to your paper.

Another consideration

The research paper has another important consideration; the thesis statement. It appears in the introductory chapter and opens the research paper up for a dialectic enquiry. The statement gives the paper direction and the readers naturally get hitched to it.

An acute combination

Now, when you combine the two, the effect is quite stimulating. The APA format style will obviously lace your entire research paper, not just the thesis statement. The format entails a few pointers.

  • The thesis statement should be placed in the first paragraph of the Introduction chapter. It should be in 12 point Times New Roman. It should be in black with a white background. It should not be more than 2-3 lines and preferably comprise a single statement; though 2 sentences are fine enough.
  • The thesis statement should not be italicized, emboldened or written as an aside. It should also not have any reference pointers to be aligned at the reference page. It should be seamless with the first paragraph and may be circumscribed by a single inverted comma.

The reference essentials

The APA format gets its actual connotations in the reference page where the references have to be systematically made; whether from books, articles or online sources. Writers with more than one book should be acknowledged in a graded manner. Any mistake here or there and the whole foundation of the research format will fall through.

Making a statement

When you adopt APA format for your paper, it clearly means that your thesis statement should also be conjured with enough thought and enquiry. It should be formidable, subjective, relevant and precise. It should not be given limbs or flourish if you will.

The opinionated subjects

The APA format is generally chosen for Psychology, History or other opinionated subjects. Here, there are greater chances for the emergence of footnotes or cursory references. The research paper gets a new dimension when it shines through under the aegis of the APA format.

Believe in your instincts

Go by your instincts and believe in its capacity to carve a spectacular thesis statement. It will never mislead you and will naturally take you to a vantage point where you automatically attract readers.