How Do You Choose A Good Research Paper Topic On Cell Phones

Cell phones are uniquitous in modern life. From pre-adolescent children to busy professionals, everyone seems to have a cell phone today. To find a research paper topic on this subject, students should consider the type of academic program that they are in. If the student is in a technology-based class, they may want to find a research paper topic on the latest changes in software and apps. For a sociology class, the student may want to look at the demographics of people who use smartphones.

Smart Versus Dumb Phones

An interesting research topic on cell phones could cover the type of people who use a smart phone and so-called “dumb”, or older model, phones. Smartphones have been around for years, but there are still some people who continue to use older models or land lines.

Switching From a Land Line

Students could look at the factors that cause people to stop using a traditional land line. They could also look at the types of households that use both land lines and mobile phones. In addition, students could write an essay that covers how switching from a land line has changed the way that people communicate.

The History of the Phone

The phone has only been around for about a century. In the past, people would just make plans to meet somewhere or show up at a friend's house unexpected. Now, people can call in advance or send a text to see if their friend is available. Students could look at the way that technology has developed over time, or they could pick a key figure in this arena to write a biographical sketch on.

Is a Phone a Requirement for Working?

Before, teenagers were stuck in a catch-22 situation: teenagers needed a car to get to work, but they needed money from a job to buy a car. Now, it seems like smartphones have replaced the requirement—or added to it—of getting a car. When it comes to the workplace, more employers expect employees to be able to check their e-mail around the clock and retain continuous accessibility. Students could write an essay discussing the possibility that a smartphone is now a requirement for entry into the workforce.

Dividing Cell Towers

It might not seem like a too interesting research paper topic at first glance, but an article on the subject of cell phone towers could make for an extremely interesting assignment. Phone towers are extremely expensive to set up, and only so many towers can be placed in a single area. Due to this, smaller phone companies will often contract out services on a larger company's towers. Looking at this facet of the industry, monopoly businesses and federal regulations could be an extremely informative research paper.