Selecting Sociology Topics For Research Papers: 8 Examples

When studying sociology, students will often look at a wide range of different topics and categories relating to the subject. For example, you may wish to look at various theories that are used in sociology or, alternatively, you may also examine various different social constructs.

It is quite common to look at various cultures and subcultures within different societies, and how they interact with one another and evolve over time. Therefore, you may wish to choose a topic that in some way relates to a subculture that you are interested in. For example, you may wish to take a look at different you subcultures, and how they have developed in recent decades, and what impact technology may have had on them.

In fact, there are numerous different topics that you can use when writing a research paper. However, you need to ensure that the topic that you do choose to write about will be suitable. In order to ensure that this is the case, there are various things to bear in mind. For example, you need to ensure that you will be able to write enough about the subject so as to fulfil any minimum word requirements that you have for your paper.

Alternatively, if you choose a topic that will require you to carry out various forms of research that are unfeasible, then it may not be appropriate to write about. Equally, it may be that you are able to do the research; however, in doing so, you may be using unethical practices, which would not be suitable.

To give you an idea of some topics that you could use, there is a list below.

  1. Compare and contrast functionalist theories with conflict theories

  2. Discuss any problems that can occur with sociology theory in relation to subjectivity and objectivity

  3. An analysis of the impact and influence of music on modern youth sub cultures

  4. Compare and contrast these two terms: ‘sex’ and ‘gender’

  5. Analyse the percentage of voters taking part in recent elections and discuss whether or not the turnout was high or low in each election, and why

  6. Discuss the changing social structure in relation to modern social media networks and websites

  7. What impact does socio-economic status have on the chances of young people being successful during the education?

  8. How has social mobility changed over the past half a century, and what factors have influenced any changes?