Top 40 Interesting Research Paper Topics To Discover

If you are trying to think of some good research paper topics for an essay that you need to write then you may wish to look at some of the interesting topics listed below.

  1. To what extent should the Internet be censored?

  2. What metals are used when making mobile phones?

  3. How much does it cost to stage the Olympics or any other major international sporting event?

  4. An analysis of the sporting legacy left behind after the London 2012 Olympics

  5. How much money do governments provide in order to research contagious viruses, and their vaccinations?

  6. What impact did Live Aid have on helping countries in Africa?

  7. How has the Internet changed the way in which we speak?

  8. Has text language had an impact on the literacy rate of young people?

  9. An analysis of South Korea and its economic growth over the past 50 years

  10. Does banning guns help to reduce violent crimes?

  11. A comparison of the homicide rates in the United States and the United Kingdom

  12. How effective has the war on drugs been?

  13. Should all drugs be made illegal?

  14. Is there any justification for legalizing smoking tobacco?

  15. How do tobacco companies lobby governments?

  16. An analysis of corruption in the United States

  17. How are clouds formed and what causes them to take on different shapes and forms?

  18. How are computers made?

  19. How does an air-conditioning system work?

  20. How do radio waves send signals?

  21. A comparison of analogue and digital television signals

  22. A comparison of Romance and Germanic languages

  23. A comparison of different sign languages around the world

  24. What chemical processes take place when making bread?

  25. How does language evolve?

  26. How is glass made?

  27. How is a country’s gross domestic product calculated and worked out

  28. What is the black market?

  29. How is an atomic bomb made?

  30. What is nuclear fission?

  31. How do solar panels work?

  32. An analysis of transfer fees paid for the world’s most expensive soccer players

  33. How does voice recognition software work?

  34. An analysis of the euro

  35. Discuss the rise of China as an economic superpower

  36. Who will be the world’s superpowers in the 22nd century?

  37. An analysis of the interesting research carried out by the large hadron collider

  38. How do peer-reviewed websites enable scientists to have a research paper checked and approved?

  39. How does the G8 decide which topics to discuss?

  40. Will World War III ever happen?