Marine Biology Research Paper Ideas:10 Best Suggestions

Life on earth is a complicated, diverse study and each passing year brings the discovery of thousand of new species, a trend we do not expect to cease in the near future. With this is mind, it stands that the knowledge we have of the farthest depths of the ocean is quite limited, due mainly to its difficulty of access as well as its seemingly unrelated nature to our daily lives. In recent times, there has been an increase in interest in this area however, as our curiosity about life on other planets peaks, we have returned home to our most extreme environments in an attempt to redefine our definition of life and its requirements. Here are 10 suggestions for marine biology research paper topics that may be of interest to you:

  1. Compare the adaptations that marine lifeforms have evolved to make them more successful predators with the adaptations of those on land. In which ecology exists the most extreme and efficient features for killing?
  2. Are life forms in the oceans more sensitive to changes in climate and chemical elements than those on land?
  3. Are the adaptations present in aquatic dwelling creatures to facilitate motion more effective than those of land based animals? Focus on those that have direct evolutionary links to exiting forms today.
  4. Why did the animals containing the feature of cartilage based bone structures, i.e. Sharks, manage to become to most successful predators in the oceans when most other forms of oceanic life contains calcium based bone structures?
  5. Man has made many areas on earth unsuitable for the indigenous lifeforms that we have met there forcing them into extinction or artificial habitats. What would happen if we managed to do this very same thing to our oceans?
  6. Based on the little information we have about the life that exists at the deepest death of the ocean, for example, the bottom of the Marianas Trench, can it be said that we need to redefine our definition of the conditions necessary for life?
  7. Conduct a study of the long term effects that artificial fertilizers and other chemical wastes that enter our water cycle, have on the oceans ecosystems.
  8. What are starfish and what function do they play in the complicated ecosystems that exist in coral reefs?
  9. Can methods of recreating or restoring coral reefs be implemented safely and successfully in oceans around the world?
  10. What would happen to life on earth if the plankton in the oceans were to go extinct?